In Blazing Heart Autism Center, our vision is to be a reference point of the entire autism community in Rivers State in advocacy, intervention, education, research and support.

To practice and ensure the best possible education, care, support and life opportunities for individual on the autism spectrum and their families.

Aims and Objectives:

1.To provide of services for persons with autism and related developmental disabilities in Nigeria.
2.To facilitate the totality of every person found with Autism into self sustaining members of the therapy, basic education, trade, arts and crafts.
3.To access, diagnose and train persons found with autism and other related disabilities; regardless of gender and background.
4.To provide good quality education for persons with Autism in order that they may fully play their role in the development of the nation.
5.To help persons with Autism attain maximum independence by impacting daily living skills, teaching health, nutrition, civic and basic education.
6.To mobilize other social, economic and political sectors of our public life in the task of bringing succor to persons with Autism and other related disabilities within the shortest possible time.