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Classroom management

Classroom Management Strategies for Children with Auditory Processing Disorders Seek classroom placement to avoid settings that are noisy or reverberant and avoid open classroom placements; Provide the child preferential seating near the place where the teacher spends most of his/her time giving auditory instructions, and away from distracting auditory and visual “noise;” Teach the child ….  Read More

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DHD improves with sensory intervention Preliminary findings from a study of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) show that sensory intervention-for example, deep pressure and strenuous exercise-can significantly improve problem behaviors such as restlessness, impulsivity and hyperactivity. Of the children receiving occupational therapy, 95 percent improved. This is the first study of this size on ….  Read More

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Causes of Autism

What Causes Autism? There is no known cause of autism yet. One theory suggests that inappropriate responses to people and the environment, by individuals diagnosed within the autistic spectrum umbrella, may be the result of “trauma” to the portion of the brain called the cerebellum (as used here, “trauma” has no connotation of abuse). The ….  Read More

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